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Why El Camino College is vital to our community

Those of us who received our education at El Camino College know it’s the hidden jewel of the South Bay. Let me start with a staggering statistic.  Your investment in community college returns an estimated $6.80 benefit for every $1 invested . Community college graduates earn more, commit less crimes, and are physically healthier. ECC alumni are everywhere. If you didn’t go there, there’s a good chance you know someone who did... El Camino College has produced olympians, actors, producers, Beach Boys, professional athletes, musicians, assemblymen, mayors, city councilmembers, rappers, businesspeople... El Camino is a great place to start your education before continuing on to higher education and earn a Bachelor's Degree, Masters, Doctorate... However, El Camino College is also a great place to finish your education, too! Many of the nursing students I taught when I taught as a TA at El Camino went on to work at local hospitals like Providence Little Company of Mary , Torrance Mem